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Diary of a Procrastinator

Exam times are a giant pain-in-the-ass. For most people, at least. But contrary to this populist dogma, b-school students find exam days to be the most relaxed time of the year. Why, you ask? Well, there’s no monotony of classes, no urgency of project submissions, no batch-meets, no committee works. Instead, there are :

  • Movies – because we sooo need stress busting after a hectic 2-hour exam, 1 hour of which we just sat idle rotating our necks and rolling our eyes to get a better vantage point to peep into the neighbour’s answer sheet.
  • TV series – episodic interventions from latest of H.I.M.Y.M. and T.B.B.T. and Sherlock and Game of Thrones .. in general, we prefer the 22-minute series rather than 43-minute ones because .. come on .. after all, EXAMS are going on. And if nothing else is available, we can always scrounge some random episode from our F.R.I.E.N.D.S folder.
  • Internet videos – Vicious unending chain-reaction of video-watching on YouTube.. because we started watching an ‘informative’ video on Euro Debt crisis and somehow ended up at “Mr. Bean in Judo/Karate class”.
  • Gaming – rounds and rounds of Counter-Strike.. I mean what a better way to vent out your frustration than blowing the heads off of stupid game bots.
  • Music – It’s insanely mind-boggling that only during the exam days will you find hordes of new songs.. all of which you will love to listen.. repeatedly.. while “studying” .. O_O
  • Reading – People will read anything… I mean literally anything but their subjects.. Weird articles on Quora & Cracked, sucky novels, flyers on hostel notice boards.. even the emails from the Library-incharge.

All these things entertain us. They give us an excuse of NOT picking up the book. But there’s one thing we find really stimulating… The Challenge. I have a theory. I believe that why most of us procrastinate studying to the last possible minute is because we love the challenge.. the race against time. 1 year into management programs makes one an adrelanine junkie. We thrive on the fact that our efficiency increases super-exponentially as the hours and minutes vanish. In my experience, I have not seen any student failing just because he did not read enough for the exam. Most of us pass this test. And that’s why b-schools in India produce most effective implementors of JIT systems, I guess. 🙂

Here’s a peek into an average exam day of an average procrastinator:

26/03/13 (previous exam day)

12 pm: (after returning from the exam hall) Shit man.. should’ve studied that.. wasted an entire holiday and didn’t study anything. NEVER AGAIN!!

1 pm: Woah.. what a delicious lunch! Let’s take a nap!

9 pm: 8 hours.. DAMN!.. Ehh, tomorrow’s a holiday and it’s only Supply Chain Management … ppff, I’m NOT pulling an all-nighter for THIS one!!

27/03/13 (break day)

2 am: Umm… can’t sleep! Let’s watch a movie.

5 am: Ok, I’ll just sleep for like 4 hours. Wake up at 9. Have breakfast and study from 10 am to 2 pm at a stretch. Yes, that’s an amazing plan!

2 pm: (just woke up) .. Eh, what the heck.. So I won’t take my afternoon nap!!

4 pm: Well, if I don’t sleep in the afternoon, how will I pull-off an all-nighter?

6 pm: Hmm.. let’s check the section page on Facebooker for syllabus.

6:10 pm: Oh, “Rahul Dravid – Achiever’s Club”…

7 pm: Wow.. “Epic Fail Compilation videos” … AWESOME!

8 pm: Okay.. let’s study now.. wait, let’s have dinner first.. then I’ll study at a stretch.

10 pm: Yumm.. that chocolate ice-cream was delicious.

11 pm: So what the heck.. I still have like 10 hours left before I leave for the exam.

28/03/13 (current exam day)

3 am: Shit.. only 12 slides in 4 hours??.. Gotta speed up..

5 am: Okay.. That’s like 9 slides in 2 hours.. Wow! I’ve improved by 150% (giggle to self over epic-nerdism)

6 am: Let’s talk to the class topper for some important 11th hour topics.

6:01 am: Ohh.. someone posted a Deewar parody on “A guy who didn’t study last night”..

6:05 am: hahah.. that was hilarous!!.. Let’s check what’s new on 9gag.

8 am: Wow, only 1 hour left.. I better just skim through the formulas.

8:45 am: I won’t be able to finish in time.. Let me write the formulas on my hand.

9:55 am: Ok.. be cool.. don’t panic.. you’ve studied all night.. You’re gonna do good. This is just a globe subject.. and well, we all know who’s the God of G.L.O.B.E.!!

10 am – 11:59:59 am: (in the examination hall) HOLY FUCK!! O_O

12 pm: Shit yar.. should’ve studied that.. wasted an entire holiday and didn’t study anything. NEVER AGAIN!!

God save our souls!! …. or NOT, in reality, we don’t give a damn to that either. We’ll take care of it tomorrow.